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What’s the difference between melamine and laminate?

What’s the difference between melamine and laminate?

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Actually, melamine is a type of laminate and there are a few different variations of laminate.

Direct-pressure laminate, otherwise known as low-pressure laminate is what is commonly referred to as melamine. It is manufactured under 2 to 3.5 meganewtons of pressure per square metre and the final product is a sheet of melamine resin – a highly durable type of thermosetting plastic bonded with a phenolic resin glue and a melamine resin plastic facing.

Whereas the final product with low-pressure laminate is attached to a substrate of board, attaching high-pressure laminate to board is usually an entirely different process.

We have found ‘melamine’ to be the material most suited to the manufacturing of office furniture for most work settings. It is highly durable, extremely cost effective and an excellent surface to work on. We also make sure to use a moisture-resistant substrate board which adds to the durability of the surface.

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